Cover of book called The Art of the B-Movie Poster!

The Art of the B-Movie Poster!

Edited by Adam Newell; foreword by Pete Tombs

1000 eye-popping posters!

The lushly illustrated volume features 1000 incredible posters from movies you’ve probably never seen, and in many cases will find hard to believe actually exist. These exploitation epics were made cheaply for the drive-ins and Grindhouse theater circuits. Usually these films were cashing in on the latest craze, with brilliantly designed posters promising action, thrills, scares, and lots and LOTS of sex. Browse through these pages to take a trip back in time – to the “moral panic” films and “Poverty Row” movies of the 1930s and ’40s, through the sci-fi and horror madness of the 1950s and ’60s, to the crazed action flicks and brazen XXX “porno chic” of the ’70s.

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With individual chapters by experts in their genres — Stephen Jones (Horror!), Kim Newman (Sci-Fi!), Eric Schaefer (Moral Panic!), Simon Sheridan (Sex!), and Vern (Action!) – the book also has mini features throughout highlighting stars, directors, poster artists, and the crazy world of exploitation sub-genres, from biker movies and James Bond rip-offs to jungle girls, nunsploitation, and beyond!

An overall introduction (“The Lure of the Lurid”) to the book is contributed by Pete Tombs – author, filmmaker, and co-owner of the celebrated cult movie video label Mondo Macabro.


The historical scope of this book is quite staggering . . . From the (literally) eye-popping front cover onwards, this is a must-have book for any admirer of poster art.
Adrian Smith, Cinema Retro, Vol.13: Issue 38, 2017

Hardback, with special cover finishes

h 279 x w 248 mm
w 9 ¾ x 11 inches
320 pages
1000 images

Rights sold
World English Language