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The Art of Gothic

Natasha Scharf; foreword by Andi Sex Gang

Music + Fashion + Alt Culture

From the staccato post-punk of Siouxsie and the Banshees and the dark rock of The Sisters of Mercy, through to the macabre industrial metal of Marilyn Manson and the funereal emotional pop of My Chemical Romance, the gothic subculture was first born through music – but it’s always been a uniquely visual and image-conscious movement.

In more than 400 artworks and photos, The Art of Gothic explores the full spectrum of gothic’s visual output, from album covers and ephemera to fashion, book jackets, cinematography, computer graphics, and fine art. The styles covered include post-punk, gothic rock, industrial, deathrock, gothic lolita, steampunk, and neo-noir.

Each of the book’s seven chapters — Classic Goth, Dark Fantasy, Futuristic, Sinister, Dark Japanese, Melodrama and Modern Gothic — begins with an introductory overview and contains two special features that give insights into particular aspects of Gothic culture and art, from Cybergoth Fashion to profiles of influential artists.

Written by Natasha Scharf — the world’s foremost authority on gothic culture — and packed with quotes from musicians, artists and Goths from around the world, The Art of Gothic is the ultimate visual journey through the gothic underground.


Scharf speaks to the reader like a cool, very knowledgeable friend. As such the page or two of solid text (plus substantial image captions) devoted to each subculture will inspire further research. Cosy up with a copy this winter, indulge in its pictorial eye candy (the Melodrama chapter’s shots are to die for) and surprise yourself with the rich, diverse colour of the goth world. Dark and also oddly delectable.
Classic Rock, 19 December 2014
The Art of Gothic excels at being both a fantastic introduction for the intrigued and artistic non-Goth, as well as a rewarding read for any veteran alternative types. It’s an expertly woven tapestry of all the colourful and unique threads that make up the iconic history of this enduring subculture.
The Blogging Goth, December 2014
The Art of Gothic is one of the books of your dreams, especially if some of your favorite dreams are the most ornate of nightmares.
Wayne Alan Brenner, The Austin Chronicle
The Art of Gothic explores the various goth subcultures that have exploded around the globe, including the Harajuku dark Lolita and emo, cyber and metal goth as well as the ongoing aesthetic influence the scene continues to have in everything from fantasy literature to fine art.
SF Gate, 13 December 2014


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