• Cover of book called P-47 Thunderbolt Combat Missions

    P-47 Thunderbolt Combat Missions

    Jonathan Bernstein

    First-hand accounts of P-47 Thunderbolt ops in World War II

  • Cover of book called P-51 Combat Missions

    P-51 Combat Missions

    Martin Bowman

    First-hand accounts of P-51 Mustang ops over Nazi Europe

  • Cover of book called B-17 Combat Missions

    B-17 Combat Missions

    Martin Bowman

    Fighters, flak, and forts: first-hand accounts of Mighty 8th operations over Germany

  • Cover of book called B-24 Combat Missions

    B-24 Combat Missions

    Martin Bowman

    First-hand accounts of Liberator operations over Nazi Europe

  • Cover of book called B-29 Combat Missions

    B-29 Combat Missions

    Donald Nijboer & Steve Pace

    First-hand accounts of Superfortress operations over the Pacific and Korea

  • Cover of book called U-Boat Combat Missions

    U-Boat Combat Missions

    Lawrence Paterson

    The pursuers and the pursued: first-hand accounts of U-boat life and operations

  • Cover of book called Spitfire


    Robert Jackson, Foreword by Air Marshal C. R. Spink

    Life of the Legend

  • Cover of book called War in the Pacific

    War in the Pacific

    Gina McNeely & Jon Guttman

    Pearl Harbor to Hiroshima – the Pacific War in 400 color photographs

  • Cover of book called World War II in Color

    World War II in Color

    Gina McNeely & Jon Guttman

    From the Eastern Front to the Pacific – the War in 300 color photos

  • Cover of book called Classic Steam

    Classic Steam

    John Gruber in association with the Center for Railroad Photography & Art

    Photographs of North American Steam Railroading