Cover of book called Cannabis Cupcakes

Cannabis Cupcakes

Chris Stone and Carol Ann

35 mini marijuana cakes to bake and decorate

Cannabis Cupcakes features 35 recipes for crazy-delicious cupcakes and muffins made with Boosted Butter and Souped-Up Sunflower Oil, along with step-by-step cartoon illustrations to ensure that no reader is left confused — however wasted he or she might be. Complete with wacky themes and decorations, information on making time and baking time, plus dosing charts to keep you informed before you reach for a third (or ninth!) cupcake, this book will become your new Ganja Gastronomy Bible. So you can roll up your sleeves, whip up some Magic Bus Red Velvet Cupcakes, and prepare to be a “hit” at the next party.

Paperback with flaps

h 148 x w 210 mm
w 8 ¼ x h 5 ¾ inches
128 pages

Rights sold
World English Language