Cover of book called Air Guitar

Air Guitar

Bruno MacDonald

A User's Guide: All the moves / 50 best air guitar songs of all time

Freddie Mercury did it. Hormone-addled adolescents do it. Grown men do it in the privacy of their own homes (and, sometimes, in dark public gatherings). There are even specialist computer games that encourage you to do it. “It” is air guitar. Like sex, drugs and Keith Richards, it is one of the staples of rock ‘n’ roll. Yet – unlike sex, drugs and Keith Richards – air guitar can be safely attempted by any amateur enthusiast. You don’t need to know anything about notes or chords. You don’t need an army of roadies. You don’t even need to invest in Guitar Hero or Rock Band – and you won’t ever break a string. Following the lowdown on the basic dos and don’ts, all the guitar moves you’ll ever need are explored, each one graded Learner, Amateur, or Master Axeman. All of the pouts and pant-splitting moves are here: Tuning up, Strumming, Air-Punch, Boogie, Crotch Thrust, Devil Horns, Duckwalk, Hendrix (playing behind the head), Jump!, Kneel, Legs akimbo, Pointing, Scissor, Sharing the mic, Sliiide, Smash!, and Windmilling. Plus, there’s a guide to accessories (tee-shirts to tennis rackets, mops to mates), and a review of the top 50 air guitar songs of all time. Armed with this book, the hazardous journey from novice to rock god can be confidently navigated – and the universal, deep-rooted need to ROCK can be expressed!

Hardback, special cover treatment

h 178 x w 178 mm
7 x 7 inches
80 pages

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World English Language, German